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Dietitian loves what she saw on Tanna - July 2017

Dietitian loves what she saw on Tanna - July 2017

A team from Melbourne, along with members from Sydney and Brisbane, left for Vanuatu on June 30 and had 2 weeks in Port Vila and Tanna. They were able to spend time with the Youth in PV enjoying a CYC evening of Bible discussion and charades.  They also all had a trip to the Blue Lagoon, which ... Read more >

Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017

Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017

I am sitting in Phnom Penh airport waiting for our flight and this is the last of my allotted BEC jobs - a report on the dorms! There are two dorms at the moment.Girls Dorm: About 15 girls (including one sister in Christ) live with Bro Him, Sis Theavy & their three boys.Boys Dorm: Around 20... Read more >

R.U. Enthusiastic? Come Visit Tanna - November, 2017

R.U. Enthusiastic?   Come Visit Tanna  - November, 2017

We need a group of young people, keen to help out, in the exciting mission field of Tanna, Vanuatu.We need musicians, sports people, artists, diggers, and people that are prepared to just open themselves to a new and exciting experience in a wonderfully happy Village Community.Th... Read more >

2017 Kapalpal Primary Bible Camp

2017 Kapalpal Primary Bible Camp

Our camp for 2017 was held from 5th – 8th of April (Wednesday – Saturday). 165 children attended from grades 1-6 which was 45 kids more than the largest number that we expected to show up! Straight away we were under the pump as we had only brought provisions for 120! However as you quickly learn in... Read more >

Support Bethézer

Please help us to buy:

  • A school vehicle on Tanna to be used for a variety of logistical purposes by volunteers, and as an emergency vehicle for the school and villages in the area.
  • More classrooms for secondary classes at the school on Tanna
  • Dorm accommodation for students in Cambodia, to help them go to university.
  • Sewing material -- fabric (particularly for track suits), thread and designs -- for our sewing program for the older girl students on Tanna.
  • Materials for domes for small-scale agricultural trial at the Tanna school. The domes will protect the plants from strong winds and airborne ash (from a nearby volcano).


We really appreciate all donations but we especially like regular contributions as it allows us to plan for future projects.


About Bethézer

Bethézer means “house of help” in Hebrew.  Our aim is to provide welfare, relief and developmental aid to the poor and needy in Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

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